Year 5 Litter Incursion

Recently Year 5 students were involved in a litter incursion facilitated by Evan at Wyndham City Council. We learnt the importance of making sure all litter is disposed of safely. If litter makes its way into our storm water drains it will be washed into our rivers and oceans. Once litter enters our water ways it is often eaten by ocean wildlife who think it is food.

Students designed a message for the school bins to remind each other of how important it is for us to make sure litter is disposed of safely.

BEST team members stenciled the message ‘Bin it or Swim in it’ alongside images created during the incursion.

A big thank you to Evan from Wyndham Council, Mrs Wembridge and the BEST team for making this incursion possible.

One thought on “Year 5 Litter Incursion

  1. hi i have a name for the ship i thought of I.C.E it stands for ice breaker, cutter, easy smasher. hope you like it vote 1# for I.C.E. I want to have a go at winning this competition
    year 5 and 6 will be competing against each other and there are other schools also competing from all around the world it finishes on 7th of July.
    So help your class and you don’t know you may be going to Antartica with some other yeah 5 and 6.
    thank you. Jaycie 5S

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